32nd Chaos Communication Congress (32C3)

Table with Fedora cloth, swag and sweets.
Fedora Assembly at 32C3

At the end of last year Zacharias and Jacob joined me in representing Fedora at the 32nd Chaos Communication Congress in Hamburg, Germany. It was the first Fedora Event that I organized as Fedora Ambassador, therefore I was quite nervous. Until I arrived at the hotel it was unclear whether I will have any swag to decorate the assembly (there are no classic booths at the Congress), but I also packed some blue sweets, chocolate and Aachener Printen to lure visitors to our assembly. Luckily as you can see on the picture, additional swag also arrived in time.

In contrast to the booths at other events, we had kind of a round square table we we could meet with interested visitors and talk about Fedora and related topics – I wished that we could also show some more items, like a 3D printer, but I was not fortunate enough to win one at last years Flock. I tried to get a LED stripe running to show some Fedora controlled blinkenlights, but I did not get it ready in time. Despite the usual SWAG like stickers, DVDs and buttons, I printed some brochures designed for SXSW 2011 that I found in the wiki. They attracted several visitors, who took a copy. Thanks to the digitalcourage assembly I was able to print more copies for a small donation. Additionally I prepared some sheets that showed the GPG fingerprints of the current Fedora keys that were also popular at this event. It was a very interesting experience to organize an event an I am looking forward to this years Congress to implement some of the ideas I have to improve our assembly. I also liked the change of perspective, since the previous years I was mostly a visitor going to other assemblies to talk to people, this time the people found me. I am looking forward to representing Fedora at the 33rd Chaos Communication Congress this year.

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