(Spring-)Cleaning the Fedora Package Collection

cat-1435458Spring arrived and doing spring-cleaning I thought about all the cleanup tasks in Fedora. If you are interested in doing some Fedora spring-cleaning, I will show you some opportunities to get your hand’s dirty and Fedora cleaner.

The required cleanup tasks depend on the state a package is in. In my opinion there are about five different states:

  1. Not packaged, yet
  2. Under review
  3. With a maintainer
  4. Orphaned
  5. Retired (Removed from Fedora)

The first state does not affect Fedora at all, therefore no cleaning up is necessary, I thought initially. However, then I remembered that there is the Fedora packages wish list. Currently its wiki page is kind of a mess. It looks quite intimidating to me because of all the different content. It still contains a lot packages that are already in Fedora and not a wishlist item anymore. In my opinion this makes the page rather confusing. Even though most of the pages is a table, the bottom contains wild lists. Since the tables are broken into different sections, the columns do not align properly. What do you think about the wiki page? Do you share my view or do you not find it that bad? Do you have any ideas for improvement?

My idea would be to remove all packages that are in Fedora from the list. Move everything that cannot be in Fedora in a separate section. And then look into making the table columns properly aligned and contain only packages that could be packaged for Fedora. This should make it a lot easier to identify packages that can and need to be added to Fedora.

So if you are looking for a task in the Fedora project, maybe this would be something for you. I am pretty sure, there are also a bunch of other wiki pages that could use some spring-cleaning, if this is your thing.

In the next posting I will cover packages under review/review requests. There is also a lot of opportunity for cleaning-up and always going on.

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