Flocked to Fedora 2014

This year I was happy to be able to attend Fedora Flock in Prague. It was a very nice conference and I mainly enjoyed to get to know a lot of other people I already knew from the Internet. I was especially happy to be able to meet Toshio, who now takes some time off from Fedora, so I am not sure if I ever will have the chance again.

The talks were nice, too. I learned about some new features in Python 3, which I would like to use very much. I am sure I will enjoy using keyword-only arguments, chained exceptions, advanced unpacking and the new OSError subclasses. It is too bad that too much of Fedora’s tool (yum, koji) are still Python 2 only, so I am not able to use Python 3 for the current projects (autosigner and autoblocker). Especially chained exeptions is something I was missing in fedpkg, last time I had to debeg something there. I am also looking forward to Bodhi 2 and hope I will be able to provide tests for Taskotron, which according to Tim’s talk about it, should be rather easy. I am also thankful to Nick, that he hosted a GPG keysigning party, which is something a planned to do if I had more time in advance. The late blog post indicates already that I am still short of time. Therefore I only got to mention some highlights from Flock, even though there was a lot more worth mentioning. Thank you to everyone who made it possible for me to attend Flock!

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