Fedora (EPEL) Orphaned Packages Cleanup

Today I got to  the script ready I previously used to report long time orphaned packages for Fedora to allow checking for other releases than Rawhide. I just sent reports for Fedora Branched and Rawhide and EPEL 5, 6 and 7 to the respective devel lists. Especially EPEL 5 needs a lot of care as there are about 700 packages in EPEL 5 that are currently orphaned or depend on an orphaned package. Eventually all orphaned EPEL packages will be retired (removed). For Fedora Branched and Rawhide is was already decided to retire packages that are orphaned for six weeks. However automation for regular reports and checking when the packages were orphaned is still on the TODO list.

To make sure that no packages are retired that you would like to use, please check the reports on the mailing lists for any packages you care about and claim them if necessary. Eventually I will create nice HTML reports that are updated more regularly to make everthing more visible.

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