Support Status of Installed Fedora/EPEL Packages

Did you ever wonder whether the packages you have installed are still maintained or will be available when you update to the next release? I might have a solution to answer this question for you. Recently I wrote a little script that reports packages that are orphaned, retired or missing from your current Fedora/EPEL release or any newer release. It is still only in a proof-of-concept status, but I hope to get it into Fedora eventually together with a useful cron job (or systemd timer) to get regular status reports.

If you would like to know why there might be a difference between missing and retired packages, I have the answer for you. This is quite common for EPEL packages. Even if a package is available in for example EPEL 6, it still needs active action by a maintainer to branch it for EPEL 7. Therefore packages in EPEL 7 might currently be missing and still become available. I, for example, hope that ipython will get into EPEL 7, but I read on IRC that some RHEL 7 package is not recent enought for a recent ipython release. Therefore it might take a while. Also for Fedora packages it might happen that a package is retired before the next release is branched (which is currently Fedora 21), therefore a package might be reported missing for Fedora 21 and retired for Rawhide/Fedora 22.

Keep in mind hat in about seven weeks a lot of currently orphaned packages will be removed from the EPEL repositories, if nobody shows up to maintain them. My script will help you identify packages, you might be missing, therefore it is now a good idea to join the Fedora package maintainers and adopt orphaned packages that are important to you.

Fedora (EPEL) Orphaned Packages Cleanup

Today I got to  the script ready I previously used to report long time orphaned packages for Fedora to allow checking for other releases than Rawhide. I just sent reports for Fedora Branched and Rawhide and EPEL 5, 6 and 7 to the respective devel lists. Especially EPEL 5 needs a lot of care as there are about 700 packages in EPEL 5 that are currently orphaned or depend on an orphaned package. Eventually all orphaned EPEL packages will be retired (removed). For Fedora Branched and Rawhide is was already decided to retire packages that are orphaned for six weeks. However automation for regular reports and checking when the packages were orphaned is still on the TODO list.

To make sure that no packages are retired that you would like to use, please check the reports on the mailing lists for any packages you care about and claim them if necessary. Eventually I will create nice HTML reports that are updated more regularly to make everthing more visible.

Overview of packages in RHEL 7 Public Beta

Overview of packages in RHEL 7 Public Beta

If you are wondering, which package might be available to build your EPEL packages on, check this wiki page. Initially created by Dennis Gilmore I extended it with information about which package are available to which architectures. Packages only present in one of the two architectures can be maintained in EPEL for the other architecture.